Infant Program

Infant Program Ages: 6 weeks to 24 months

At Village Preschool Academy, you can be sure that your infant will be cared for in an exceptionally safe, warm, and hygienic environment by a team of nurturing staff.

Our Infant Program is designed to promote healthy and positive development of our students’ cognitive and motor skills by incorporating music, movement, and play into their daily activity. Our staff ratio does not exceed 4 infants to 1 teacher at any given time to ensure that your baby is receiving personal attention and care.

Infants have their own separate play yard equipped with age-appropriate toys to encourage gross motor skills development. The infant play yard is secured with soft foam padding for extra safety and comfort.

We know that your baby’s first transition away from home can be difficult. We are committed to making it easier on our parents by guaranteeing professional care, education, and transparency.

LIC No: 304371171