Junior Pre-Kindergarten Program

Junior Pre-K Program Ages: 3-4 years

Our Junior Pre-K students are beginning their journey into more structured learning environments! We want to make this a healthy and smooth transition by balancing structured learning with mixed media activities that both reinforce academic concepts and promote discovery.

Our Pre-K program is designed to provide a strong learning foundation for our young learners! Children will be introduced to early language and literacy, writing/tracing skills, math concepts, and science. Students will read thematic books, engage in creative discussion, and write their own short stories! Beyond academics, students will have time to engage in group time with the classmates, play with age-appropriate toys, participate in arts and crafts activities, and learn instruments.

In our Junior Pre-K Program, we will also focus on developing useful social skills such as: how to share toys, clean up after yourself, exude proper manners, and other important life skills that help build independence.

LIC No: 304371170